Afghan Red Mandala Traditional Rug

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Afghan Red Mandala Traditional Rug

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A structural and columnar pattern features in the red and black colour pattern. The mandalas convey a sense of clear grounding and solidity. The two thick horizontal bars rest at the top and bottom of the rug offering a more powerful degree of framing. At the centre of this Afghan Red Rug has series of boxed design, arranged in 9 rows of 4 each, breaking up space whilst offering a simple contrast with the rest of the background.


  • Easy To Clean
  • Anti-Skid
  • Soft, Deep Pile
  • Durable
Design Design Oriental Afghan Rug
Colour Colour Red
Material Material Polypropylene
Weave Woven Machine Made
Pile-Height Pile-Height 5cm
Backing Backing Hessian Style
Origin  Origin Afghan

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