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What’s your Summer style rug?

What’s your Summer style rug?

Winter is long gone and Summer is here to stay! The perfect time to make some changes to your interior.

Area rugs are not just for the colder months, they are also a great way to brighten up your living space for summer.

Rug Masters have a variety of area rugs available that will transform your home this summer!

  1. Yellow and Gold Rugs
Yellow Rug

Yellow and Gold area rugs will give your home that true summer feel with their eye catching colour and bold attitude. These rugs contrast perfectly with any subtle shade. Go all out and add some extra accessories to your interior such as summer flowers or accents to give your home that real summer look.

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  1. Floral Rugs
Floral Rug

Floral rugs provide your interior  with that natural summer feel all year round! Floral area rugs are a great centre piece to brighten up any room in your home. Mix floral and fabrics with brighter colours and your Summer rug will create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere or pair a colourful rug with more neutral fabrics for a more relaxing room feel.

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  1. Natural Rugs
Natural Rug

Natural area rugs are a great way of adding a stunning addition to your floor area while making the rest of your room bright and vibrant to create that summer style. Add bright cushions, paintings and accents to your interior to give your chosen room the wow factor. The natural rug will blend in seamlessly with any colour you choose.

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  1. Blue Rugs
Blue Rug

To give your home that Nautical look, add a blue area rug to your interior. Blue rugs provide your room with great energy while giving you that cooling feel and an impression of water. You can almost feel the beach underneath your feet! Team a blue area rug with greys, whites and earth tones.

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  1. Outdoor Rugs
Outdoor Rug

When you’re spending quality time outside this Summer, you want your outdoor area to look and feel great.  Outdoor rugs can transform your patio or decking area while adding style your whole garden look. Go for light blues and neutral tones to blend in with your garden furniture and accessories. Our flatweave outdoor area rugs are designed to withstand all of the elements as well as being eco friendly and looking great!

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Don’t Forget – Material and size matters!

When purchasing your new rug, it is important to take material and size into consideration. If you are walking on your rug barefoot then you will want a soft rug to walk on or if you live with children or animals then a hard wearing rug will be most suitable.

The size of your rug is another important factor when choosing a new rug. If you are placing furniture on top of your area rug then make sure you measure your furniture first so the legs rest neatly on top of your rug.

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