How To Choose A Right Rug For Space At Home

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There's a lot of things to consider when picking a rug for your space. Along with price, style and right size for the layout of your room.

Here's are some option to consider when thinking of placing a rug for the living room, dining room and bedroom.

Looking at the living room space, here is the standard layout of the living with a sofa, 2 chairs, side table and coffee table.

There are three way to layout the rug for your living room. 

1. The first layout to consider, which is an ideal appearance for most of the room is all the legs of the entire piece of furniture on the rug. So, you will require to choose a large size of the rugs. Also, ensure that furniture is not up against the wall, this will allow you to layout the rug away from the wall. This will give a chance to see the flooring around the rug. It will help define the space nicely but give you circulation around the outside to your room. 

2. Next layout option to consider is just having the front leg of all the major piece of furniture on the rug. This is a little bit more budget friendly, as you can go for the medium size of rugs. It doesn't have to be large so that it compensates all of the furniture.


3. The last layout option which is more budget friendly is no leg approach. Of course, the legs of your coffee table will be sitting on the rug, but the bigger piece furniture's leg i.e sofa, side chair will be off the carpet. This layout lets all pieces of furniture breathe and its really great in an open space where you're maybe having some continuous flow in an open concept house. 

Dining Room Layout.

For the dining room, the most critical thing here is a function, as nice as the dining room rug looks. The important thing is that you're not constantly catching chair legs on the edges. The average person at a table pulling they're in and out takes up about 18 inches of space off the edge of the table side. To avoid conflict you probably want to go with a rug that is at least 24 inches off all of the sides of your table. So that means you're going 3 or 4 feet bigger than your table size when you're looking for a rug.

In the bedroom layout, your bed is covering most of the space but it's still really nice to be able to step out of bed onto a nice warm surface, So you have three options in terms of your layout.

1. You can go with the largest and most expensive option, a rug that goes all the way behind your bedside tables, past the foot of your bed. So you can walk all the way around the bed in comfort.

2. you can do a slightly smaller option that stops in front of your bedside tables and actually runs perpendicular to the bed so that again it'll go past the foot of the bed.

3. Lastly, the most economical option is to do two smaller rugs, one on each side of the bed.


Rugs are usually though as purely decorative but there's a lot more you need to consider. You need to think about how they fit into your budget, your space and how they meet your functional needs.