Tips On Picking The Right Pattern Rug

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Floral Pattern Rug
The first pattern we will explore is floral, this offers a feminine touch to any room, how it looks depends on the style and colour of the floral pattern. Abstract floral could work in a contemporary or modern home. While the traditional floral is perfect for a country or cottage style space.

Oriental Rug
For a timeless look try an oriental rug they're versatile because of a variant a turn in colour and honestly, they're perfect for any design style.

Distress oriental rug are very popular right now, the distressing makes this traditional pattern feel much more casual.

Geometric Pattern Rug
For something totally different try going with a geometric pattern rug, this will provide a crisp clean line in your design so look at like circles, hexagons or even diamonds. These rugs are more modern and eclectic so you can really have a lot of fun with them. Twist on a geometric rug is going to be chevron. This is a design that's been really popular over the years and looks like a zigzag. Chevron can go two ways, it can either be really bold or more classic with tone on tone.